2011年のINNERSECTIONのスケジュール&サマーラウンド開始です。 前作にも負けじと名も知らぬサーファー達が繰り出す凄いパフォーマンスのオンパレード! 作品として出来上がるのが楽しみです! 詳しい内容は下記のサイトをチェックしてください。 2011 SCHEDULE: •Winter Round begins May 1st. •Spring Round begin June 15st. •Summer Round begins August 1st. •Fall Round begins October 1st. •Innersection DVD releases December 1st, 2011. *competitor upload window for each round opens one week before start date. RULES •One surfer per section. •Sections must be between 2 and 4 minutes long. (*Subject to exception and Innersection approval.) •No mechanical assist. (May be asked for proof.) •Entrant is responsible for their own music. •All footage must be exclusive to Innersection submission. Same wave, okay. Same camera, not okay. (Full rights return to filmer following contest period.) •Section must meet approval of Innersection committee (see “Minimum Performance Clause”). JUDGING •For the first round of judging, Innersection will appoint a panel of Member Judges. The panel is composed of 50-100 of our best users — members who view all the sections, rate fairly and comment frequently. •Ratings, views, comments and expert opinions are all made public and should contribute towards the Member Judges decisions. •All Premium Member Judges chose their Top 10 sections. Each section is awarded 1 point. So, if there were 100 judges, a 100/100 score would be a perfect score. •During the second phase of judging, all member arrange the sections into a ranked order of 1 through 10. A first place position scores 10 points. Second place scores 8 points, Third=6, and so on. •The final four positions are determined by Top 10 ordering of all Innersection members. The fifth pick is an Innersection Wild Card.