【ON A MISSION】JORDY SMITH “giving it a go” in France

Be back in action!!" OAM TEAM RIDER ジョディースミス ビラボンタヒチでの肋骨損傷から復活!! フランスからのコンペテーションに復帰を公言!! 彼のインタビュー動画をチェック!! The ASP announced that Jordy Smith plans to be back in action at the Quiksilver Pro France. “After several weeks of rehab and sitting out for two events, I’m excited for my return to competition in France,” said. “The ribs are still a bit sore when I’m paddling, but it’s time for me to be back and hopefully we have good waves for the event here in France.” After suffering a rib injury at the Billabong Pro Tahiti at the end of August he’s been stationed in Newport Beach with his doctor. We caught up with both of them right before Smith jumped on a French-bound flight, here’s where he’s at in the recovery process.