2011 Heavy Water Nathan Fletcher Teahupoo Uncut

In a year of groundbreaking performances in heavy water, Nathan Fletcher’s mad dash for daylight at in Teahupoo Uncut cemented his place in big-wave lore. But it was the combination of his performances in three films (Teahupoo Uncut, Get-N-Classic, and Rumors) that saw him edge out a star-studded field in 2011 for the Heavy Water award. 2011 SURFER Poll Heavy Water Nominees Dean Morrison (A Dingo’s Tale, Teahupoo Uncut) Nathan Fletcher (Teahupoo Uncut, Get-N-Classic, Rumors) Laurie Towner (Teahupoo Uncut, Blow Up) Bruce Irons (Teahupoo Uncut, Rumors) Mark Healey (Surprise Excitement Party