Which photographers influenced you and how did they influence your thinking?

The two photographers that influenced me more than anybody were Jeremy Koreski and Chris Burkard. They both did such a good job at telling the story of their respective homes through their imagery that it really influenced how I wanted to shoot in the Pacific Northwest.

Among your works, which one is your favorite?

That’s such a tough call. But there’s one shot of Josh Mulcoy surfing one of his favorite waves. It’s a huge hack near sundown with nobody else in the water but his good friend. I know how much Mulcs loves surfing good, uncrowded waves. So that shot really makes me happy.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

I’m always motivated to keep shooting to have new experiences in new places. Or, not even new places. I keep going to some of the same places because they are so beautiful and it’s so easy to get an epic image. Photography is the love of my life. I love what I do. I’d never stop.

How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

Lots of hard work and probably annoying a lot of people. Haha. Persistence is key. If you quit as soon as somebody said no or as soon as somebody doubted that you could make it, you’d quit right off the bat.

What’s your favorite country you’ve travelled too?

It’s pretty cliche, but Iceland is mind blowing. You can see as many pictures as you want, but until you’re there, you don’t understand the magnitude and the variety of natural features. The place is insane.

To see more of Marks work, check out his website