Top 5  travelled destinations, why?

These countrys and places in no particular order would easily have to be at the top of my travelled destinations.

Chile -

This country as a whole is something really special. From an untouched coastline with more Lefthand pointbreaks than you could ever imagine to the amazing history and culture that is found throughout all of South America, there hasn't been many places that have blown me away like Chile. I spent 6 weeks of an Autumn here and it should be on every surfers list of places to experience. If you do make the journey dont be afraid to keep heading South! The further you go the more raw it gets and if you meet someone in the know you'll be scoring empty lefts in a setting straight out of an Attenbourough Doco. The scenery is mindblowing and if you get sick of looking at the amazing countryside then the women of Chile aren't too hard on the eye either! Also if  surfing empty points isn't your deal then snowboarding the mountains straight out of the capital Santiago should hopefully suffice.

Spain - 

A couple of years ago me and my best mates travelled through Europe in a van and Spain was without a doubt one of the highlights for me. Speaking very basic Spanish after spending 8 months in South America may have left us a touch biased but the contrast to my sleepy hometown in Winter and a Spanish Summer is Black and White. When I was growing up I never thought I'd be saying this but just walking around and looking at buildings or palaces that were built thousands of years before Australia was colonised was a really good eye opener. With passionate vibrant people and the special feel of the Basque country even though the waves were nothing to write home about in Summer this country still easily makes the top 5.

Indonesia - 

To be honest I think it would be criminal to leave Indonesia off this list after the countless good times this place has given me over the years. Since my first trip as a 10 year old and frequently visiting ever since, you come to realise that we sure do take this gem on Australia's doorstep for granted. There is nowhere else you can surf the most perfect waves in the world surrounded by the most humble and friendliest of humans all on a centerlink budget. Everyone knows the cliche Indo trip and after a few too many of those it was a drop of the hat mission for the swell of the year back in 2014 that reiginited my love flame for this chain of islands. We visited all the classic spots on Bali, Lombok and Sumbwa over a 2 week period. I'd say if we weren't asleep or having a laugh over a Bintang there was a very high chance we were getting tubed.

Ireland -

There is definitely a recurring theme for making it into this top 5 list and that would have to be quality waves and top knotch people. Ireland has them both in spades. Ever since hearing about Ireland from a few of my older mates that love chasing good waves, I have always been fascinated with everything about it. I began to build an image from what I'd heard from my friends, seen in magazines and watched in Mickey Smiths vimeo collection. The way the Irish boys approached heavy surf without beating their own drum and keeping their feet on the ground really inspired me growing up. The image I pieced together consisted of freezing cold slabs slamming underneath rugged cliffs and feilds of green countryside littered with castles, all a stones throw away from some form of historic pub filled with classic characters and funny accents. Thats pretty much exactly what I found and man was it epic.They are a very hospitable bunch and sure love a good time. A quote that has stuck by me from this trip was an Aussie surfer saying that spending time in Ireland makes you a better person and for some strange reason I'd have to agree.

Remote Australia -

After visiting 5 of the 7 continents around the world without a doubt I'd have to say that some my favourite places lie in our own backyard.We are the 6th largest counrty on the planet and there is such a crazy amount of diversity in our landscapes and scenery.The remote parts of Australia really get me buzzing and some of the setups out there are wild. My first trips to the desert have imprinted a feeling in me like nowhere else. That sense of distance from other humans is startling and is greatly exaggerated by knowing your amongst one of the harshest settings on Earth. The best part is that there's still loads of spots to be found which is more than enough motivation to pack the car with some of your mates and hit the road!

5 favourite pieces from the current range, why? (If you have any images in Jan 17 collection could you please send through)

Apartment ss button up- White

Waratah Trunk

The Black trunk

Bird tee- Black

Everyday Wash Tee -charcoal wash

Everyday Strip Tee - classic black

Favourite wave? 

Supersuck (Indonesia)

Biggest achievement as a surfer?

I am really grateful for visiting all of these amazing places and meeting endless amounts of good people while travelling for surf but big waves is definitely what pushes me and my biggest achievement's lie in being apart of some epic sessions around the world when the surfs up.

What’s your favourite surf movie to watch to get you pumped on finding waves?

Castles in the Sky, Endless Summer, Searching for Shangri La, Toby and Creed's Real axe series, Lost and Running, Mickey Smith's 'Dark side of the lens'