On any certain day this playlist could sound completely different. I have been jumping around a little with musical preference depending on what I’m working on but the current trend is pretty clear as I'm back in a steady work and surf “groove.” The past few days have been fairly heavily desk bound with design work, broken up by a few sneaky surfs on the lower tides. Its been pumping so vibes are good and when I do put my head down I have been liking a similar rhythm to surfing.

In this case its been pretty jazzy and funk orientated with some psych rock to make sure i keep working at a good pace.There's a mix of old and new, although even the new ones sound old - in a good way. I have a large vintage Poineer stereo set up and play a lot of vinyl.. but often resort to the seclusion of the headphones. Both really lend themselves to this sort of music and I might not enjoy it as much on a tiny little stereo or ear buds..

For the most part, these are all the sorts of songs/bands I would play at an afternoon party or use at the soundtrack to a good surf clip. Versatile, happy and easy going. Hope you enjoy.

Words by Lachie from @thesaltymerchant