"Neal time"

I just recently caught up with Neal for a couple of days to share some laughs, take a few piccies of shaping and some damn fine wave riding. With both of us being on the same cruisy frequenzy, we went on a few goose hunts in the early hours and managed to get a few little good waves. Although the easier missions out the front were the ones that delivered the goods including a few very tasty glass bottled brews and talks of psychedelic things like music, plants and life in general.

The thing that truly inspires every time I see Neal is that most people dream their entire lives about having an amazing high school love wife, beautiful happy kids and be able to work for yourself while still being able to always surf when the waves are firing. Neal is a man that somehow with his genuine happy go lucky and positive self has managed to make this happen. All in the name of positive energy which I myself am a believer of. Ive hung out with Neal a bunch of times now and after each time i feel light, inspired and stoked on life. Its just something about the inner child in the man. Its kept intact and undisturbed while still being an amazing good father, craftsman and yeah the obvious buckets of water he can push or travel thru. All around total legend and a very rare breed. If everyone could get some Neal time in the world would be a much better place. Should be doctors recommended haha…and yeah, keep that inner child of yours alive, it makes all the difference.

Words and photos by our good friend Crille Rask ( ).