Words by our wandering pal Crille Rask.

Photos x Crille Rask and Chandler Borries

"I recently did a little trip to the south of Sri lanka to catch up with the dream couple and absolute legends Petter and Linn at the Sunshine stories.

Its safe to say that they’ve created their own perfect dream bubble where everything just seems beyond perfect. Surrounded by good people, vibes and dogs they have managed to open up two places in a little bit more than a year.

I was looked after like a king to say the least. The main purpose of this trip was to get some fun waves, laughs and good food. The wave part was a bit average as the windy season had come early and most waves would be blown out and small at 8 am already. I managed to find myself a hidden little knee high cracker right out front the Ceylon sliders where i was staying. About a hundred steps and the feet were wet. My type of easy mission when your only out for a week.

On this trip I didn’t do as much exploring or moving around as I usually do. But really enjoyed staying put and close by for once. A few tuk tuk rides here and there but nothing further than 20 minutes away. I found Sri lanka bit lost in translation. Very Indianish but not really and not really Indonesia either. More like a fusion of the middle east meets holy cow if that makes sense.

What I do know is that its left me wondering how good it can be? Its still pretty empty and you can be on your own in the water still. There’s some epic meals to be had and the amount of strange juices blew my mind. Definitely coming back for a round two. But definitely during a swell or a no wind season and with a bit more time to be able to explore the mountains and other goodness that it has to offer."