We sat down and fired a few questions at Mr Troy Archer.  An extremely talented gent who lets his creativity fly when locked in the photo studio shooting his frustrations out at oddly paired and inconspicuous objects....the finished result of which are highly enjoyable!

How’d you find yourself getting stuck into studio object photography? I have actually always required a creative outlet to help me manage the roller coaster ride of life. I used to channel my frustrations into skateboarding, then as age and injury took hold, I turned to illustration, which became quite painful itself. At some stage in the last 5 years I replaced illustration with studio photography because the distance between establishing the sudden need for creativity and the satisfaction of achievement is much shorter and somewhat easier.

You have a great use of colour, texture and props.  What elements do you look for in order to create that complete image story? Thank you very much. Most of the time i'm drawn to the use of similar colours, or the subject matter can be abstract but shot on white or black, or I tend to enjoy the idea of photographing stuff that you usually wouldn't bother to photograph, but I don't find myself doing that too much. It just has to feel right.

If you could pair one person with one object in one of your shots, who would that person be and what object/s would you pair them with to create the image? Great question. I don't often photograph people but if I had the opportunity i'd shoot a photo of an elderly lady named Gladys, surrounded by lettuce, lattice and hand written letters.

Ultimate album to listen to when shooting? Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual

Whats the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Follow your heart.

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