Being in Indonesia always feels so prosperous....whether that be financial or experiential.  Our good pal Crille Rask is based in Bali now and when a few of our other lads Ambrose McNeill and Eurico Romaguera rolled into town, the opportunity to jump on a fishing boat and hunt for waves just couldn't be missed.

In the words of Crille....

"As were sitting at Canteen cafe up in Canggu, Bali trying to figure out where to go catch a few waves. We realise everywhere will be too big. obviously Padang Padang won’t be but then yeah… half the worlds best tube riders will be there incl. the whole carnival of drones and people. Where can we go? somewhere empty and still good. After a few skims on the phone and random messages out to local friends we decide, lets check out Jimbaran bay. A place that normally is flat as pancakes but gets a few reelers when the big stuff arrives. plan is set.

Day after we meet semi early with the same coloured drink in our cups. After a little wait for Eurico to show up we skid off to the other side of the island.

As we get to Jimbaran with a bit of uncertainty where actually need to go. we realise that a boat ride is the easiest solution and after a good nasi goreng and some bargaining we set sails towards to one of the right handers. Waves are not pumping and the clouds have decided that the zink paste and cameras were not as useful as wanted. But everyone caught some fun waves in the end and we had a blast. We also checked out the other classic little secret spot across the bay. Ambrose and Patchy gave it a go only to realise the brown stuff in the water was the biggest jellyfish infestation yet seen to mankind. After about five minutes of splashing and burns up the trunks it was time to head home. big smiles and crazy moped rides. It was a good day."

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